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Age: 24
Species: Anubian Jackal
Gender: Androgyne

To spend a day through her eyes is to spend a day in high society. Dresses and gowns, suits and ties, meeting the finest of royalties and prestige. Whether she is tethered to the arms of a client, or with her most special of clientele, she is known for her soft speech and sharp wit, her calm demeanor, and quiet attire.

And yet. To spend a night in his chains is to learn of a boy who cares only to serve. To obey, and to please his lord in all forms by cuff and collar, life and limb held in blissful servitude. With padlock clicked, runes aglow, controlling not only his mind but his body to the whims of his lord's machinations, for he cares not what the world has to offer except through obedience.

She will have others; and they will please her just fine with their boorish desire. Just as he will have his lord; and please him with obedience and loyalty.

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